Quick Ptg Winch 24 Volt – 350 Wt


The elements of a boat are very important regardless of the type of boat we have or its purpose. One of those elements that are used in sport boats, where people commonly do the sport of fishing or also in sailboats are the winches. These simple apparatuses can mean an important change at the time of realizing an activity that deserves to lift some weight or to drag some merchandise and in addition, in those ships where sails are used, the same ones are of vital importance.
For the dragging of heavy loads, these instruments are ideal and necessary within the boats especially to avoid having to do it by hand causing any significant damage to the boat or ourselves.
Quick Ptg 24 Volt – 350 Wt
This quick winch model is one of the most sought after and simple to install as it has a subtle aesthetic and is also completely simple to use without the greatest complication in the installation. Its manufacture is based on anodized aluminum that gives it maximum durability and of course a broad protection to prevent the salts and the direct incidence of the sun can damage it. It has a watertight ip7 engine with an instantaneous run of up to 800 kilograms, ideal for small to medium boats. The speed of rope recovery is 21 meters per minute which makes it one of the fastest and most comfortable.
Other specifications
This product also comes packaged with the necessary supplies for installation and subsequent operation being part of the kit the crank and control box. It also has bearings that have been made of stainless steel so they will have much strength and durability at sea. It can be used for the collection of the dinghy and is also easy to use to install in the trailer of the boat as the weight is only 11 kg.