Nautical Buoys and Fenders


Sailing is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Those who own a boat enjoy the sea and all its benefits. But they also know that having a boat is quite a responsibility and requires a lot of dedication. To keep them in good condition it is necessary to provide them with the best nautical accessories. These you can always find at the best price and the best brands in, the online marine shop with a big catalog of Nautical Buoys and Fenders
Boat buoys are paramount in any boat, whether you use them because you work fishing or just because you are comfortably moored in a quiet harbour. In you will find a great variety of available buoys made with the best materials in the world, as is the case of the Polyform A7 Red Buoy 1100 mm in diameter and 1420 mm in height. They are made in Norway under strict quality standards. There are many models, the one you look for only in you will find it.
Nautical Fenders
Ships need as much protection as possible, even to pass the quality controls granted by the navigation permits. That’s why in you can choose all the Nautical Defenses that you need. Such as 830mm white Pantalan Fender, 120mm height, 60mm thickness or the Pantalan Fender – EPDM Profile 112x91mm black color, 2 mt bars.
They are fenders made of ultra resistant materials. They are impact, cut, abrasion and sea water proof. Some are even made to resist exposure to the sun’s rays. Buy everything you need on, you will receive what you order at the door of your home for a very low shipping cost, plus you will have 2 years warranty on everything you buy online.